When You Appoint An Artist Wedding Photographer

If you want to add a unique flair to your wedding photos it is best to seek the services of an artistic and original wedding photographer. At Sherrie Blondin Photography in Vancouver, BC, we have a selective group of professional, talented and extraordinary photographers who will add exciting elements to your wedding photos. We use certain techniques such as extreme contrasts and unique settings. We also gather information to understand the personal styles and aspirations of the couple in order to plan the best wedding photography pictures.

The photographs taken by Sherrie Blondin staff would involve candid styles and different angles such as ground level angles, a bird’s eye view and so forth that add a different perspective to wedding photos. We also use original settings to capture the couple in different backdrops, lighting conditions and surroundings to reflect the emotions and intimacy between the couple . Usually, extreme contrast is created in order to bring in the uniqueness and visual appeal of such photographs. Hence, it is not unusual to have couples photographed in their wedding clothes, playing games, riding a tractor on a farm, barefoot in a field, going surfing, rock climbing and some on to truly show their personalities and styles. We want to have fun and make this exciting and fun for you too!

We aim to take advantage of the unique natural elements that is your wedding venue. We can schedule outdoor shoots before the wedding with you to take unique shots as well as taking images of the wedding venue, taking in décor details, candid images of people in the wedding and guests and get the full picture so to speak 🙂